Welcome New Mexico Cannabis, Hemp, and Ancillary Brands

A Free Certification Program that helps promote Cannabis Brands and Supporters of Cannabis in New Mexico.

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Official Inductees

This program is completely free to be included in and to register for. As a media and marketing agency, NMCTA and StonerTok Media Group do offer paid services. As part of this program, we do extend a 10% discount to all members of the program, and they are also notified first of all opportunities for brands within the network. You also receive a free account on our Kickstarter Backed social community, StonerTok, where you can share content and more free from takedowns and illicit sales.

We are a SAAS tech provider. We do not sell our marketing list but may from time to time offer the opportunity to our partners to introduce them to the community via our EMagazine, SWAG South x West Art and Graffiti, and/or our PodCast, Caffeine, and Coffee.